Virginia Studies

Using MapMaker's Toolkit, students will label the regions of Virginia and locate resources and natural features for each region on a map of Virginia. Template provided:

United States History to 1877

LESSON PLAN - GLOGSTER Glog - Causes of the American Revolution
Students will create a Glog which includes at least four causes of the war along with an explanation of why each issue was so important. All sources must be properly credited, and students will add graphics, videos, podcasts, music, etc that enhance their text.

Students will research a variety of Acts and Proclamations which led, in part, to the American Revolution. History Place Revolutionary War


This is a combined language arts/social studies project. Each student researches a specific time period in the Civil War and creates a one page newspaper from that time period representing either the northern or the southern viewpoint. The newspapers will include articles, editorials, graphics, and advertisements appropriate for that time period.

LESSON PLAN external image pdf.png SS 5 The Civil War.pdf

Students will discuss various elements of the Civil War (Geography, transportation, etc.) while creating an Excel spreadsheet detailing the number of battles per state. They will create graphs based on the data.

United States History 1877 to Present

Civics and Economics

Students work in pairs to create PowerPoint shows with Rules for Life for teenagers in America.

iCivics games don't require prior knowledge -- they teach you everything you need to know, and they teach the material in the context of problems and issues that are relevant to students! Each iCivics game is playable in one class period, and has a detailed printable report at the end for grading purposes. Teachers won't have to search for supplementary readings or type up a last-minute worksheet. Just print the materials, follow the Step-By-Step instructions, and teach! Lesson materials are visually appealing and written in a conversational tone to foster students’ interest. (Recommended by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.)

World History and Geography to 1500 AD

World History and Geography 1500 AD to Present

World Geography

Virginia and United States History

Virginia and United States Government

WEB SITE: Track a bill; find voting records of Congressmen; read about hot topics.

Open Congress