Free Online Comics Creators

Comics Lab Extreme

Create colorful graphic novels, comic strips, and comic books. Many options for students to choose. Sometimes freezes or erases work.


Simple, two character comics. Limited student creativity.

Historic Tale (Comics) Constructor

Uses historical figures and props along with an 'antique' font that allows students to create comics based on a variety of historical events/times. Easy to use - great for history classes.


Draw, create story books, make a movie and more on this site. Has lots of options for students to choose from, but isn't as easy to use as some other sites.

Make Beliefs Comix

Select a character, then select from a set of 'emotions' for that character. Add other characters, text, props. Easy instructions embedded within site, but may require Grade 4 or above reading skills. Will accept comic strips written in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Latin.


Upload your own photos to create comic strips - designed for kids to use. Warning: Home page has photo of whiskey bottle with caption "Want a drink?" which may offend some parents.


Upload your own photos to create comic strips.


Many format options to choose from. On-line video tutorials available.
Cartoon by manoman


Create animated comics. Requires a software download to run.


Requires free registration. Drag, drop, or click to create comics.